Verification guidelines for sanjaal:

1. Verification Request: Users can request verification by providing their full name, a government-issued ID, and a recent photo of themselves.

2. Confirm the authenticity of the submitted information: The platform may use various methods to confirm that the information provided by the user is authentic, such as comparing the ID with government database, checking for any inconsistencies in the information provided.

3. Review of account and content: The platform may review the user's account and content to ensure that it meets the platform's terms of service and community guidelines.

4. Professional verification: The platform may also consider verfication based on the user's profession or occupation, like verified journalists, activists, and politicians etc.

5. Phone Verification: User may also need to verify their phone number to confirm the identity.

6. Scrutiny of Background check: Platform may conduct a background check of the user if necessary.

7. Review period: There may be a review period before the verification is granted or denied, and users will be informed of the decision via email or through the platform's message system.

8. Reapplication: If a user's verification is denied, they may reapply after a certain period of time has passed.